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Mindfulness Coach

Afrosa has been a G.P. for over 15 years, qualifying from Guy’s Kings’ and St. Thomas’s Medical School. Over this time, she developed a keen interest in mental health and became a Mindfulness Coach with the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation.

She has specific training in two main evidence-based programmes – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), approved by the British Psychological Society. She is also an accredited teacher on the UK Mindfulness Teachers Register.

Unlike other mindfulness coaches, as a medical doctor she is able to fully understand a client’s medical history thus offering a unique, tailored mindfulness programme. Her holistic approach combines modern medicine and traditional mindfulness techniques.

In her spare time, she is part of the medical admissions team for several London Russell Group Universities. Her passion in promoting wellbeing means she delivers health talks to universities, schools and corporate organisations across the county and writing articles in the UK and USA. She has written a book on Interview Techniques, available on Amazon and Waterstones.

She loves baking, cooking and travelling but most of all spending time with her medic husband and three boys.

Marcie Ferros MSc DipCOT

Occupational and Psychological Therapist

Marcie is a Health and Care Professions Council registered Occupational Therapist, specialising in mental health and psychological therapies. She has an MSc in Mental Health Studies from King’s College London. Her further qualifications and experience are in psychodynamic psychotherapy, life coaching, sensory attachment interventions, EMDR and CBT. This enables her to use an integrative approach when providing assessment and therapy for people seeking support.

She provides evidence-based therapies for individuals whose life experiences have had an impact on their self-esteem and everyday functioning, causing stress and anxiety, hopelessness and low mood, disordered eating, and other unhelpful coping strategies. As well as this, she has established a career providing specialist psychological wellbeing services to TV production companies and global streaming networks.

Amanda Jackson BSc Hons PgDip CBT

Psychological Therapist

Amanda is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Psychological Therapist with over 25 years’ experience working in mental health in a variety of settings, including both adolescent and adult counselling services and psychological services within the private, public and NHS sectors.

She has vast experience working with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. She specialises in trauma and PTSD.

She is currently undertaking an MSc in CBT and is level 4 trained in EMDR.

She also has 10 years’ experience of working with some of the UK’s leading TV production companies; by combining all her skills she provides both assessments and psychological support for their participants.

Estelle Maxwell BA

Integrative Psychotherapist

Estelle is a BACP accredited, UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist with 15 years’ experience spanning the private medical sector, NHS primary care and a practice in Esher.
She blends approaches to create an individual client-focused treatment plan: mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, CBT, DBT, body psychotherapy (neuroscience), compassion focused therapy, and psychodynamic and psychoanalytic analysis. Estelle aims to move clients through a cycle of change in a safe empathetic way, to develop resilience, self-awareness and achieve greater self-efficacy.

She works with the range of human experiences: anxiety, separation and loss, relationship issues, abortion, bereavement, depression, anger, vulnerability, eating disorder, personality disorder, trauma and PTSD.

She is also a qualified bereavement counsellor, certified by the national bereavement service CRUSE and is registered with most of the major health insurers: Aviva, WPF, PruHealth and Cigna.

Wendy O’Neill


Wendy O’Neill is a Registered Nutritionist and member of The Nutrition Society and Association for Nutrition. She has many years’ experience in the NHS, private and corporate sectors and offers science-based solutions to a variety of diet-related health problems.

Wendy helps individuals and families improve their health and well-being, with personal,sustainable weight management and dietary programmes.

She can help with intolerances and allergies, diabetes, raised blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, gastrointestinal conditions (coeliac, IBS, liver problems) and PCOS. She has extensive experience with eating disorders, working with individuals, families and schools.

Liz Tandy BSc Hons DPodM


Liz has been providing podiatry services to the corporate sector, football clubs and in private practice for over 30 years, she carries out all routine treatments and the prevention of foot conditions such as callous, corns and verrucas.

She specialises in diabetic patients and offers biomechanical assessments with orthotics.
She studied physiology at the University of Birmingham followed by Podiatry.

Lynn Blades BA PCC MGSCC

Elite Executive Coach

Lynn has been an executive coach for 15 years. She inspires courage, humility, and discipline in her clients. She coaches young professionals just starting their careers to leaders to uncover their hidden potential for success. She has a no-nonsense yet non-judgemental approach.

Lynn has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Dartmouth College, USA. She is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Elite Executive Coach.

Prior to becoming a full-time executive coach, Lynn spent 20 years in the media industry as a television journalist and broadcaster.


Have some Questions?

A half hour appointment will be made in order to deal with any acute problem and also to go through our patient registration process.

The office is open between 8am to 6pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 5.30pm on Fridays.

Outside office hours, the 24 hour telephone line will be picked up by an answerphone which will give instructions regarding contacting the doctor on call. The doctor will give telephone advice and where appropriate will supply prescriptions through to pharmacies. If a visit is required we utilise a deputising service for this. Under certain circumstances it may be appropriate to arrange admission to hospital directly which we can do. Please note that the above services are only available to patients who are already registered with the Practice and there is a charge for out of hours advice and services for those patients who are not monthly subscribers.

We value your feedback; good or bad, so please let us know. We carry out and publish annual patient satisfaction surveys. We are registered with The Care Quality Commission that regulates health and social care throughout England. We also have a formal complaints procedure if things have gone really badly and this can be accessed by contacting the Practice Manager.

The general answer to this is “No”. UK based Private Health Insurance companies will usually only recognise for the purposes of reimbursement, the services of individuals whom they define as Specialists.

We do not generally deal directly with insurance companies and work on the basis of individuals and corporations settling their own accounts and then claiming back directly with their respective insurance companies.

You can register at your first consultation with an acute problem or choose to register ahead of this. You will then pay for individual consultations, out of hours telephone advice and repeat prescription requests and referrals. Laboratory fees and vaccinations/drugs are additional where appropriate.

Consultation – Face2Face, video, telephone £200.00
Nurse Consultation £100.00
Home visit during office hours
(please note the travel time from and to the practice will be changed at the same rate)
£200.00 per 30mins
Prescription Fee £60.00
Registration Fee £100.00 paid annually
Subscription Fee £250.00 paid monthly
Out of Hours Telephone Advice/Prescription from £100.00
Out of Hours Visit
(please note that the travel time will be charged at the same rate)
£300.00 per 30 mins
Missed Appointment/Late Cancellation £200.00
Occupational Health Assessment and Report Price on request
Vaccinations price on request
Comprehensive male blood screening profile £350.00
Comprehensive female blood screening profile (incl. smear test) £450.00
Comprehensive female blood screening profile (without smear test) £400.00
Other Pathology tests (Price on request)
Individualised Health Screening Packages (Price on request)
Travel Advice/Vaccination Administration £60.00
Referral letter £100.00

You can also choose to subscribe to the services of the Practice. This will cover all your consultations for a year and 24-hour telephone advice, referrals and letters, repeat prescription requests, travel advice, maternity and family planning advice.

You will be entitled to an annual flu vaccination and an annual health screening check as part of this subscription.

Subscriptions are at the discretion of the doctors. Cancellation can be made at any time after the initial 12 month period by either the patient or the Practice. Laboratory fees and vaccinations/drugs are additional where appropriate.

The practice is registered with the Care Quality Commission, an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health and Social Care, responsible for the regulation and inspection of health and social care services in England.